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About Emery and the Firm's Areas of Practice - Planning for Long Term Care with Tender Loving Care

Insider's View of the Court:  Attorney CAROLINE EMERY has been licensed with The Florida Bar for 30+ years and has a unique insider's view of the court system based on 25+ years of employment in Jacksonville with both the State and Federal Courts.

Respected by the legal community, she was elected by her peers to serve as President of the Jacksonville Bar Association, which had 2,200+ members at the time.

Upstanding Character:  Ms. Emery is an honest and compassionate lawyer.  She majored in Social Work, loves people and pets, and volunteers for Legal Aid.  She volunteered for so many organizations in the community in the past, she was selected as a "Community Hero" to run in the Olympic Torch Relay in 1996.  

Serving You is the Primary Goal - LTC with TLC:  Ms. Emery is dedicated to working diligently on behalf of her clients to plan ahead.  Her main objective is to advocate for her client's best interests in a gentle way, to prepare them for difficult stages both during life and after life, protecting them and their loved ones, including their furry family members.  

Right Fit for You:  Ms. Emery keeps things as simple and affordable as possible while focusing on your specific needs because one size does NOT fit all.


Probate Administration

Pet Care Plans / Trusts

Estate Planning (Last Will & Testament)


Living Will

Durable Power of Attorney 

Health Care Surrogate Designations


As Your Furry Babies, We Depend on You. Include Us in Your Plan Too!

All too often, beloved furry babies get overlooked.  Without the right plan in place ahead of time, the pets are vulnerable when something happens to the parent.   

O.K. So you THINK you have someone picked out to care for your pet. . . . 

3 Main Reasons Placements Fail: 

1)  What if that person is not able to, due to financial or health reasons?

2)  What if that person is in the same car accident with you?  

3)  What if your person gets a pet that doesn't get along with yours?

Come see Caroline Emery to get the best plan NOW, in case something unfortunate happens that  suddenly leaves you unable to care for your 

furry baby.  

Do not procrastinate!  Make an appointment today!

Prices will increase.  Something might happen to you.  

Several packages are available to fit various budgets:

Bare Bones Special

Bare Bones Special with Trust

Deluxe Fur Coat Coverage (Human/Pet Combo)


Include Us Family Members Too!

We are your family members too, and deserve the same level of care and protection as your other family members. 


So make an appointment now! 

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Affordable & Easy Payment

Affordable & Easy Payment


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Affordable & Easy Payment

Affordable & Easy Payment

Affordable & Easy Payment


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Time is Money

Affordable & Easy Payment

Time is Money


Let's not waste your time!  Make the most of our meeting time.  

Come prepared.  Bring a list of questions, notes, and important documents.  

AVVO Rating 10 out of 10

Visit the AVVO website t to see reviews including:

"I endorse this lawyer. Caroline served wonderfully as the President of our 2,000+ member Jacksonville Bar Association, demonstrating great organizational skills and leadership. She is a very delightful lady whose servant heart leads to very satisfied clients. Caroline will treat you well." 

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